Review: Jane Eyre


Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë

First published October 16th 1847

Genre: Classics | Romance | Fiction

Recommended to: people who like classics and imperfect characters

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Born into a poor family and raised by an oppressive aunt, young Jane Eyre becomes the governess at Thornfield Manor to escape the confines of her life. There her fiery independence clashes with the brooding and mysterious nature of her employer, Mr. Rochester. But what begins as outright loathing slowly evolves into a passionate romance. When a terrible secret from Rochester’s past threatens to tear the two apart, Jane must make an impossible choice: Should she follow her heart or walk away and lose her love forever?

I got a free Kindle version of this book from Amazon.

RATING: ★★★★★

I know this is a classic book and a lot of people have already known the premise but some events in the book were totally unexpected. Plot-wise, for a classic book, this was so good. I went into this expecting a normal, swoon-inducing love story like Pride and Prejudice but what Charlotte Brontë gave me was far better. For me, this book is not just about two people falling in love, but it’s also about loving someone despite their obvious flaws and the internal conflict between doing what is right and what makes you happy.

I love the characters. They are so real, so relatable, and well-developed. I loved how they had their flaws. This is not for people who want perfect, ideal characters. This book is for people who want a more realistic approach.

At first, I hated Mr. Rochester. He was selfish, proud, controlling, and somewhat cheesy (haha!). But I loved how in the end, the things that happened to him humbled him and made him realize that it’s not weakness to depend on others once in a while.

As for Jane, she was a character that makes the reader feel like they were in her shoes. I felt what she felt throughout the whole book and I admire how Charlotte Brontë was able to do that. I even cried so hard twice in this book because it hurt me as much as it hurt Jane.

This book was definitely worth the read.

“A classic book is a book that has never finished saying what it has to say.”



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