Review: Muse of Nightmares (Strange the Dreamer #2)

When you think you already know what will happen, think again.

The story starts where Strange the Dreamer ended. Sarai — now a ghost — is being used by Minya to threaten Lazlo to take her to Weep so she could finally fulfill her purpose: revenge. Before reading the book, I already had an idea in mind. Minya will threaten Lazlo, Lazlo will comply and people from Weep will think he betrayed them. In the end, they will find a way to stop Minya. But I was so, so far from the truth.

Review: The Bride Test (The Kiss Quotient #2)

This is my first Helen Hoang book so I had no expectations. I heard about The Kiss Quotient — it was big on the book blogging community — but I haven’t had time to read it yet. But when I got an ARC for the second book, I couldn’t miss the opportunity.

Right from the beginning, I was hooked. It even made me stay up late until 4 AM even though I had work in the morning. It was that good.

Review: The Darkest Star (Origin #1) by Jennifer L. Armentrout

When I received the email that I got approved for an ARC of this book, I honestly felt so happy I could cry.

But let me get this straight. I haven’t read the Lux series yet. What made me so happy is that I read Jennifer Armentrout’s The Problem with Forever and I loved it. And for fans of the Lux series, this book is a highly anticipated read that I felt so honored to get it.

The thing with books you have high expectations for is that more often than not, they let you down. And I’m so, so glad The Darkest Star didn’t.

Review: Imperfect Chemistry (Imperfect #1) by Mary Frame

Lucy is a very interesting character. She reminds me of Sheldon Cooper (from the Big Bang Theory series), although not as extreme. She talks about things in a clinical and scientific way and is absolutely straightforward and honest. She is unlike all the female characters I ever read.

The thing with contemporary romance is that I don’t expect a lot from the plot. I just want a cute love story that sticks as close to reality as possible. This book delivered. It was entertaining and unexpectedly funny. It got me rolling on my bed laughing at 3 AM (seriously).

Review: Sadie by Courtney Summers

This is the first time I am going to say this: I am honored that I got to read this book before it was released, that I have the opportunity to spread the word about it. If there is a book I want people to read, it is this.

Reading Sadie does not feel like reading a work of fiction. Because as much as we want to deny it, this is not something you only read in books. This happens in real life. Courtney Summers created a story grounded in reality and stripped away what is not essential, leaving only the cold, harsh truth.

Review: Select Few (Select #2)

I loved the first book, Select, and when I found out that there will be a second book, I couldn’t wait.

All throughout the book, I debated on whether I should give this four or five stars. Don’t get me wrong. It was well-written and very engaging. But the problem is in majority of the book, I was mad. I was so pissed at the characters, especially at Angus and Julia. I honestly wanted to run Angus over with a car. The only person who hasn’t gotten on my bad side is John. He doesn’t deserve to suffer and I just wanted to protect him and let him be happy.

Review: Into the Still Blue (Under the Never Sky #3)

Wow, that is how you end a series. I saw how it would end because clearly, there is no other way. What I was not prepared for are the events that led up to it.

If you haven’t read this series yet, YOU DEFINITELY SHOULD. I heard about this years ago when dystopian was all the rage in the YA community but I did not give it a second glance. I thought it will be like all the others and will not offer anything more. But I was wrong. It was beyond amazing. 

Review: Through the Ever Night (Under the Never Sky #2)

If I thought the first book was good, this one was even better. I couldn’t put it down. Every chapter made me want to tear through the next.

What I loved most about this book is how it was able to make me feel all sorts of emotions — from heartbreak to anger, from happiness to despair. I think what really makes a book special is not the story itself but the characters who leave a lasting impression on you. Aria, Perry, and even Roar are the kind of characters that make you care about them you almost forget they were fictional. Honestly, this book made me feel stressed but in a good way. I was so invested in the story and I was really worried about what might happen.