Review: The King of FU by Benjamin Davis

If I were to describe this book in two words, I would say:

entertaining and honest.

If you want to write a memoir that is not boring, this is how you do it.

To be honest, I don’t even know how to properly describe this book. I haven’t read anything like it. I wouldn’t really say it’s poetry but it is written like a poem. The kind of poetry that annoys me the most are those that attempt to sound like poetry but are actually just sentences separated into lines.

But interestingly, it works for this book. Maybe it’s less about the format but more on how it was written. Benjamin has a way with words that makes it feel natural.

Review with Sample Comics: Big Mushy Happy Lump (Sarah’s Scribbles #2)

This is my first time reviewing a comic book so I’m going to do it based on how much I enjoyed it. And I enjoyed this A LOT.

I’ve been a follower of the author, Sarah Anderson on Instagram for quite a while now. If you’re a fan of the author or have previously liked some of her works across various social media platforms, you will definitely love this book.

What I liked about this is that it was able to present relatable situations in a really cute and funny way.