Review: Their Fractured Light (Starbound #3) by Amie Kaufman, Meagan Spooner

After finishing this series, I realized one thing. Although the story is connected and each character is different, I can’t help but play favorites. Tarver and Lilac of These Broken Stars still hold the number one place in my heart but Gideon and Sofia come at a close second.

Although Gideon and Sofia are both interesting characters, I found myself enjoying Gideon’s POV more. I loved his quick wit, his confidence, and even his cocky side. If anyone asks me who is the most charming character I’ve ever read, the answer would be him.

Review: This Shattered World (Starbound #2)

If I were to describe this book in one word, it would be hopeful.

It’s what I felt after reading this book. Hope for a better tomorrow, hope for a better world, and hope that people can change for the better.

The first book, All These Broken Stars, is one of my favourite books of all time. Sadly, I didn’t quite love this one as much. To me, it had the second book syndrome. It existed to build up the story, to prepare us for the end.