Too Much Drama and Angst: Stay With Me by J. Lynn Review

I like JLA as an author and even more as a person so it pains me to say that I didn’t like this. I really wasn’t planning on reading it but when Jen posted that this was on sale on Kindle for only $1.99, I bought it without thinking or even reading the reviews.

When I first started this, I was lowkey annoyed that Jax and everyone in the Hot Guy Brigade were described as insanely hot. I already know to expect this from a JLA book but somehow, I was able to look past that when I read Lux and Origin series. There’s something slightly annoying about describing another character’s hotness every few pages or so. I want to be able to decide it for myself, thank you.

Review: Shadow and Bone (Shadow and Bone #1) 

If you’re active in Book Twitter or any book-related social media, chances are you’ve probably heard of the Grisha Trilogy.

With the raving reviews about this book and the added hype of the upcoming Netflix adaptation, I can’t help but set my standards so high. Which probably explains why I was slightly disappointed.

Don’t get me wrong. I really enjoyed this and I will definitely read the rest of the series. It’s just that I expected nothing less but it didn’t floor me like I expected it would. To me, it seemed like any other YA fantasy with a generic formula.

Review: Gravemaidens by Kelly Coon

This is the kind of book that would have been amazing, if not for a few reasons.

The female lead was veeeery frustrating.
Kammani is one stressed character. She’s the kind that will try to lift the world on her shoulders… ALONE. Sometimes, that’s a good thing but in this case, it was not. All it did was lead her into stupid decisions. It’s one thing to be brave but it’s another thing to be brave and stupid.

Review: Soul of the Sword (Shadow of the Fox #2) by Julie Kagawa

I honestly don’t know what to feel. I absolutely loved Shadow of the Fox so naturally, I had higher expectations for this. But the thing with having high expectations is that more often than not, you get let down. It pains me to say this but this book didn’t prove to be any different.

What changed? I am not sure. When the sequel to one of your favorite reads turns out to be not what you expected, it gets you thinking. Was the previous book as good as I remembered?

Review: Fireborne by Rosaria Munda

What is the definition of a good book?

Is it the one that makes you devour the words and flip the pages like your life depends on it? Is it the one whose characters you feel connection with? Or is it the plot that leaves you speechless in the end?

For me, this book wasn’t one of those. And yet, I got through it and I truly cared about what happens next.

It started well. The world building was great and it felt like I was transported to a world where people rode dragons and your place in society was determined by your abilities.

Review: Playing Her Secret Crush by Casey Griffin

“It wasn’t a matter of finding someone who picked her first. She had to put herself first.”

Katie feels that she has always been picked last in everything — from boys to school, and even by her father. That was until she decided that things had to change.

When I read the blurb, I was interested. There are many books with the best friend trope (I even read one before this) but what made this different from the others is that we knew how the guy felt. I was up for it.

Review: Hunted

You know that feeling when you read a book you’re so prepared to like and it’s not bad at all but somehow you’re still left feeling disappointed?

Maybe I set my expectations too high. But when my favorite reviewers (even the most critical ones) loved this, I was more than ready to.

But it fell short and here are the reasons why.

Pillow Thoughts Review: A Poem for Every Feeling

I believe poetry is a personal form of art that is subjective. It makes you feel things when it hits close to home. This book is no exception.

I found out about this book when I saw a post from a Twitter account I follow called Poems Porn. I read the last entry in the book entitled Looking for Ice Cream and I knew I needed to read more.

I wanted to like this more than I did. But for me, this is the kind of poetry that you either relate to or you don’t.

Review: Unfathomable Chance

This is a surprisingly light read considering that it involves aliens and the whole universe. If I wasn’t so busy, I would have finished it in one sitting. It’s the kind of book that will make you curious enough to flip the next page.

One thing I loved about this book are the characters. I definitely have a soft spot for Roddy, the moody android and Rocky, the love machine. And also, who can resist a talking cat guardian named Kal Zed?