Review: Select Few (Select #2)

I loved the first book, Select, and when I found out that there will be a second book, I couldn’t wait.

All throughout the book, I debated on whether I should give this four or five stars. Don’t get me wrong. It was well-written and very engaging. But the problem is in majority of the book, I was mad. I was so pissed at the characters, especially at Angus and Julia. I honestly wanted to run Angus over with a car. The only person who hasn’t gotten on my bad side is John. He doesn’t deserve to suffer and I just wanted to protect him and let him be happy.

Review: Select

I loved this more than I thought I would.

I wished for this on Netgalley because the blurb seemed promising but I was not expecting that my wish would be granted.

Before starting the book, I went on Goodreads and was disheartened by the disappointed reviews and the three or lower star ratings. I know it is prejudice on my part but whether you like it or not, reviews have the power to influence readers and that’s why reviewers exist.

So imagine my surprise when I absolutely loved a book I was already prepared not to like.