Warm and Fluffy Read: Eyes on Me by Rachel Harris Review

eyes on me cover


Published: March 26th, 2019 by Entangled: Teen

Genre: Young Adult | Contemporary | Romance

Recommended to: those who like cute and fluffy romance

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Look up the word “nerd” and you’ll find Lily Bailey’s picture. She’s got one goal: first stop valedictorian, next stop Harvard. Until a stint in the hospital from too much stress lands her in the last place a klutz like her ever expected to be: salsa dance lessons.

Look up the word “popular” and you’ll find Stone Torres’s picture. His life seems perfect—star of the football team, small-town hero, lots of friends. But his family is struggling to make ends meet, so if pitching in at his mom’s dance studio helps, he’ll do it.

When Lily’s dad offers Stone extra cash to volunteer as Lily’s permanent dance partner, he can’t refuse. But with each dip and turn, each moment her hand is in his, his side job starts to feel all too real. Lily shows Stone he’s more than his impressive football stats, and he introduces her to a world outside of studying. But with the lines blurred, can their relationship survive the secret he’s been hiding?

RATING: ★★★★☆

I’d love to say I was the type of girl who could pull off a classic line and set the world to rights, but I was better suited for paper-and-pen situations. The kind where I could take my time searching for the perfect words—and then hide behind them.

This is the kind of book that leaves you feeling giddy and warm at the end. The kind that makes you sigh with contentment, wishing to find a love like it.

Before reading this, I reread one of my favorite books by the same author, The Fine Art of Pretending, so I couldn’t help comparing the two. I guess every Rachel Harris book I read will always have high expectations to live up to. But although The Fine Art of Pretending remains my favorite, this one was great too.

I admit that there was certainly a time when I wanted to give up on this book. You know that feeling when something terrible is about to happen but you know it’s inevitable? I was really anxious about it that I wanted to skip it or worse, drop the book entirely. It wasn’t even a really bad or tragic situation. It was vital to the plot but I was scared nonetheless. I guess I didn’t want Stone to screw up and get hurt because he already owned a piece of my heart. Honestly, part of the reason why I really liked this book was because of him. The way he loves and cares for Lily was just something else that it made me want someone like him for me too. 😂

This book had its fair share of cute and sweet moments and if you’re a fan of that, this one might be for you too. The plot is not mind-blowing nor unique but it was nice and made sense. The ending was a bit cliche and inspired by a movie but I didn’t mind because the situation called for it and it was really, really sweet.

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