Big Bad Wolf 2019: Book Haul and Tips

Okay, anyone who doesn’t know what it is might find the title a little bit weird so let me do a quick introduction.

Big Bad Wolf Books is a Malaysian book fair frequently held in Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, and Sri Lanka. They first went to the Philippines last year but since I was staying in Japan at the time, I wasn’t able to go. The books were taken from the stocks of BookXcess, a book store dealing in excess books from international distributors. So everything is really cheap. Basically a book lover’s heaven.

The sale in Cebu started on August 16 and they are open 24 hours until August 26. However, they have a VIP day before it is open to the public and you can only get in if you have a VIP Pass. Getting a VIP pass is easy. They have several contests days before the event and they will announce it on their Facebook page. I suggest you turn on notifications or set them as “See First” during this period so you won’t miss anything. 😉

I wasn’t really planning on joining VIP day because I have work but I tried my luck and I won. I couldn’t miss this opportunity! Since they were open from 9 AM to 10 PM on VIP day, I figured I could just rush after work even if my time is limited. Next time though, I will probably take a leave from work to attend. Ha ha.

big bad wolf vip pass
Big Bad Wolf VIP Pass

You get two passes if you win and each pass admits two people so you can bring 3 friends with you. I brought a friend to help me with my life-changing decisions and to stop me from buying too much. 😂

I only had two hours to browse books on VIP day but my head was spinning because of how many there were! It still wasn’t enough so my friend and I vowed to return on Saturday. Anyway, here is my haul from VIP day.

big bad wolf book haul
Book Haul VIP Day

I was really happy with my purchase. Paperbacks are priced at 190php and hardcovers are 230php.  Unfortunately, the venue had bad reception and I wasn’t able to check Goodreads so I only bought the books I  was sure of. But they were a lot! 😂

Lesson learned, I made notes about the books I found there and came back on Saturday with a list prepared. My friend and I went there at 10:30 AM and browsed the whole venue for more than 5 hours. This time, I thoroughly checked all the islands (that’s what they call the tables with books). I don’t know what happened but luckily, they have better reception than VIP day and I was able to check Goodreads. Unfortunately (or not), I bought more books than I originally planned. 😂 Here’s my book haul for both days. Yes, there are 17 books in that picture.

big bad wolf book haul
Big Bad Wolf Book Haul

There were more books I wanted to buy but a girl has priorities. 😔 I am really glad this only happens once a year because I sure won’t be able to resist the temptation. To first-timers who are planning to go, here are a few tips:

  • Set a budget limit and try your best to stick to it. Too many books might be overwhelming and it’s definitely hard to stop.
  • Prepare a list of books you’re planning to buy. They have a customer service booth and you can ask them if certain books are available. Also, you might not be able to check Goodreads so it’s best if you export your TBR list.
  • Don’t get tempted by the cover! This is what I’ve been telling myself most of the time. There are so many beautiful books. If you can, check the reviews before buying.
  • Put what you like in your cart and decide before checkout. Since there are so many books, it would be hard to find anything again. If you’re undecided, put it in your cart and contemplate on it later. That way, you won’t spend extra time trying to find it again.
  • Eat and drink before going inside. Food and beverage are not allowed since they can damage the books. Prepare your body for long hours of browsing.
  • Wear comfortable shoes. You will be standing and walking the whole time so wear your trusted flats or sneakers.
  • Join VIP day if you can. There were books I only found on VIP day. I regret not buying those immediately.

Anyway, that’s it for my first Big Bad Wolf experience. I bought so many books already and I’m stopping myself from going back there again. 😂 I should wait until next year.

Does the Big Bad Wolf visit your country? How was it? How many books did you buy? Feel free to share your experience in the comments below. ☺️

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