Poetry Friday: [Tumblr] Mademoiselle Erika



I know some people think that Tumblr poems aren’t real poetry. I believe otherwise.

Before the greatest poets were known, they too, were only silent writers behind poems no one has ever heard about.

I know quite a handful of Tumblr writers who write amazing prose and poetry and I’m also going to introduce some of them to you in the weeks to come.

This one is from Erika which is part of the duet she made with another Tumblr writer Quasimaginary. I just love how beautiful and emotional this part is.


You can read the full version here.

What did you think of this poem? What are your opinions about Tumblr poets? Let me know about your thoughts below! 🙂

Poetry Friday is a weekly post on KookBookery featuring all kinds of poetry, from classic to contemporary.


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